Because the environmental and social impact of our models goes beyond their production and distribution, we work alongside our customers for a more responsible and sustainable fashion.


We are convinced that it is the duty of every actor in the fashion industry to be transparent about its entire value chain and to understand the potential social and environmental impacts of each step. We are now doing this introspection work in order to build a concrete action planWe hope that by sharing it, we will be able to take these steps together towards a more responsible fashion.

A Made In France heritage

Due to the quality of the raw materials we select, our products are made to last. To help extend the life of our products, we make our buyers aware of the use and maintenance of leather. Guaranteed for 2 years, your bags can be sent to our repair workshop to give it a second life!

Leather and material care guide


As part of our duty of transparency and our commitment to better understand and act on our impact, we have decided to make a carbon assessment of our activity. This assessment will allow us to measure the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the production, distribution and consumption of our products, in order to identify the most emitting items, to implement avoidance and reduction measures, and to monitor their evolution over time. See you in 2023 for the results!


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