All the materials thus worked are then sent to our partner production workshops, which make the articles according to the directives of our artistic director.

A timeless design

If we are proud to be a brand in the air of time, we have always had at heart to create timeless models. The ACE baguette, created in 1998 and still unchallenged today, or the fact that 70% of our range is renewed year after year !

A Made In France heritage

In the early 1990s, LANCASTER was a subcontractor for the major French leather goods companies. Over the years, we have created our own brand, and have remained a leader in this field to this day.and sensitive to the tradition of French leather craftsmanship.

Shortening the production circuit

Even if more than a third of our models are still produced in our workshop in the region parisienneThe brand has opened up to manufacturing abroad, particularly in Asia. This makes transportation, although mostly by sea, a major environmental issue to address.

This is why we have decided to reorganize our production process.elocalize a large part of our production in Europe: within 5 years, 70% of LANCASTER models will be produced there. (compared to 35% today)! This decision is already being implemented with the introduction of products made by new Italian suppliers at the beginning of 2022.


The internationalization of our production chain also raises ethical issues: it is our responsibility to ensure that our suppliers respect the fundamental human rightsIt is our responsibility to ensure that our suppliers respect fundamental human rights, particularly with regard to child labor and working conditions (fight against corruption, illegal labor, etc.). This is why we include an ethics charter in all our contracts with our suppliers.

Ethics charter


Have you ever noticed natural irregularities on the leather of our bags or accessories?
While the big luxury brands only use the parts of the leather that they consider "perfect", i.e. without imperfections, and thus waste on average 50% of the skins, we consider that leather is a noble material because it is natural, and our job is to restore all its essence! In comparison, we use up to 90% of the skins, reducing at the same time the waste.


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